10 Things your dentist is doing during dental checkups!

Are you due for a dental visit? Well, we encourage you to read this blog to know what all happens when you make that visit to the dentist twice a year. You may wonder why you need to read about it when you know that your dentist examines your teeth and cleans them and that is it. You could not be more wrong here. There are many things that a dentist does during that dental visit that are critical for your oral health and you may not be even aware of them. Intrigued? Read on. 

These are the 10 things your dentist is doing your dental checkup – 

  1. Examining your tongue – Many health issues can manifest themselves on the tongue. A discolored tongue (a bright red can indicate folic acid or vitamin B12 deficiency or a dark tongue can indicate diabetes or bad hygiene) or a sensitive tongue may indicate problems which include bad breath, fungal infections and other issues. 
  1. Oral Cancer screening – Dental cancer kills people at an alarming rate in the US. It can be very difficult to treat in later stages and if detected early can make treatment and recovery easier. It is advisable to visit a dentist if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms – 
  • A mouth sore that doesn’t heal even after a few weeks. 
  • Red or white patches in the mouth. 
  • Pain and tenderness along the lips. 
  • Unusual difficulty in chewing or swallowing food or speaking. 
  • A change in your bite. 
  • Sensation of something stuck in the throat. 
  1. Examining your gums – Gum diseases in their early stages have little or no symptoms and they are reversible if detected early hence dentists examine the gums during your regular visit so that their trained eye can detect any anomaly at the earliest. Usually, they will look for signs of bleeding, swelling etc. Early detection can lead to faster cures and is also not a strain on the pocket.   
  1. Checking your salivary glands – Checking for dry mouth is important and for that the dentist will also have a look at the salivary glands. He/ She will also check if the glands are producing sufficient quantity of saliva. Without enough saliva, bacteria accumulate in your mouth to cause bad breath, cavities, and infection. 
  1. Examining the sinuses – Sinus and dental issues usually go hand-and-hand. A nasty sinus infection can cause pain in and around your mouth even toothache. Your dentist can check on the health of your sinuses to determine whether the pain is being caused by a sinus infection or if it is truly a dental issue. 
  1. Checking your breath – Bad breath or halitosis can indicate a number of dental problems like dry mouth, mouth sores, tooth decay etc. During your regular dental visit your dentist will not only be examining and cleaning your teeth but also checking up on your breath. 
  1. Evaluate your bite – How your upper set and lower set of teeth fit together when the jaw is closed can give your dentist a lot of insights. They can check the alignment of the teeth and know what potential problems you may face because of them which includes not just eating but speech too. They can also suggest suitable orthodontic procedures that you can get done to improve your bite. Read our blog – ‘Various smile correction procedures’ for some of these. 
  1. Examining your tonsils – Your dentist will check the back of your throat and your tonsils for any signs of infection. 
  1. Checking for any jaw related issuesTMJ or Temporomandibular joint pain is very common. TMJ are the joints that connect your jaw and the skull. Locked jaw and trouble in chewing food are common symptoms of the temporomandibular joint disorder. Uneven teeth and bite issues also lead to TMJ disorder. 
  1. Screening each and every tooth – The dentist will use check all the teeth individually with a probe and a mirror going over all the surfaces to check if there are any changes in the same since your last visit. 

So, you are getting more than what you would expect in a every regular dental checkup where your dentist is actually giving you a comprehensive dental exam. Your examination gives your dentist a chance to check the state of your teeth, gums and mouth overall and your dentist can identify potential problems that you may have never noticed.  

Even with the best oral hygiene practice you may never be able to do this kind of a comprehensive dental exam on yourself. Only an experienced dentist can properly perform a complete and thorough examination of teeth and mouth to assess the condition of your overall oral health and recommend future treatments accordingly. 

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