Adult Braces

When we hear the word braces, the first thing that pops in our head is an image of a young kid or a pre teen wearing a school uniform may be, smiling with metallic braces on their teeth. Well most of us associate braces with childhood and school and rightly so as that is the time when most of us and our friends have had our braces.

But there is such a thing called adult braces or braces for adults. So if you are an adult and wondering what is the right age to get braces or can I get braces at 25 or 30, you have come to the right place. Here we will elaborate on what adult braces are and more.

No age limit for braces

Let us begin with the fact that there is no age limit for braces. Yes you heard it right! You can get braces as an adult too on one condition. The condition that is prerequisite for all dentists to fit the adult braces on you is that you must have a healthy jaw bone and permanent teeth. Yes till some time back adult braces were almost unheard of but now they are one fastest growing segment.  So you see as they say you are never too old for braces.

Why get adult braces?

  1. For straighter teeth – Well not all of us straightened our teeth when we were younger or did not use retainers the right way which may have led to teeth becoming crooked again.
  2. We can afford it now – Not everyone’s parents had the money to spend on braces while adults may finally be financially ready to get those braces.
  3. To boost your self esteem – Having good teeth boosts one’s self esteem and gives a person confidence.
  4. For future professional prospects – There are some professions which lay emphasis on having good teeth and well groomed looks like modeling or being an air host/ hostess.

Advantages of adult braces

We all know the advantages of straighter teeth –

  1. Greater confidence and self esteem.
  2. Bite correction (get rid of over, under and cross bites) which allows one to chew food properly.
  3. Better cleaning of teeth which in turn will help one avoid cavities and other periodontal diseases.
  4. Helps in speech impairment.  

Despite knowing the advantages of braces many still avoid getting one because of a number of misapprehensions like –

  1. I will have to wear those ugly looking metallic braces for longer than young children because my teeth are stronger and set in place as compared to a growing child – This is not true, you may end up wearing braces for almost same time as an adolescent if not less provided you follow all the instructions of your dentist (which in most case adults do better than kids). Also world has moved on while you grew up. Now you have better choices than the traditional metal braces also available. We will see the choices soon.
  2. I will have to change my diet and my lifestyle if I get adult braces – Well we cannot say this is wholly incorrect. Of course you will have to avoid some foods which can damage the braces. And of course you will also have to take time out for dental visits and may take a little longer to brush and floss your teeth than usual but that is only for some time and for a greater good.
  3. How will I attend that meeting or go to that party with braces on? – Well we will show you there are a number of options available for adult braces which will rule out this fear completely.
  4. It will be painful – With advanced dental technology now you can get adult braces which can straighten your teeth quickly and comfortably. Not to say there will be no discomfort but not as bad as you imagine it to be.
  5. It will be expensive – Well just check your dental insurance plan. Most PPO insurances now days cover some part of the treatment making it not so heavy on your pocket.

So what are the options available for adult braces?

  1. Traditional Metal Braces – Teeth alignment is best treated with traditional metal braces and is always an option available to adults. However it is not a popular one due to aesthetics and discomfort involved with it.
  2. Clear Braces – These are very popular amongst adults. These braces are made up of either porcelain or ceramic and it is almost impossible for people to notice that you are wearing braces when you wear these. Six month smiles is a popular choice in clear braces.
  3. Clear Aligners – One of the most popular adult braces are clear aligners (by Invisalign and Six month smiles). These are generally plastic aligners which are almost invisible (hence very discreet) and removable unlike braces. These are custom made.
  4. Lingual braces – They have the same utility as traditional braces but  they are placed behind the teeth (by the tongue and palate) and not in the front of the teeth hence giving a better look.

Considerations before going for adult braces

While you now have many more options for the types of braces you can choose from, there are some things you must keep in mind before going in for adult braces-

  1. Your bone structure has stopped growing and you may have bone loss with age. This may affect the length of time you will need braces.
  2. You may have gotten teeth extracted in the past which can pose a problem for your dentist now.
  3. Severe teeth misalignment may even need oral surgery.

Whether you need an aligner or only braces can correct your issue can be determined only by your dentist in consultation with you. You can always reach out to us also. Call Ensure Dental Care (the family dentist near you) on 940-274-3229 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Ensure Dental Care is the one of the best family dental clinics at Saginaw Texas. We accept all major insurance providers.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it helps you decide whether and which adult braces to go in for. Take care of your teeth and if you liked this blog do share it with your family and friends. Follow us on instagram @ensuredentalcaresaginawtx for offers, deals and more fun stuff like this.