Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures
Complete Dentures

A denture is a prosthesis which replaces the missing teeth. It takes the support from surrounding gums and tissue to stay in the mouth. There are two types of Complete Dentures:

Traditional dentures are the ones which replace all of a patient’s teeth. They sit on top of the gums. They are used where patient is missing teeth for some time and the gum and bone is stable.

Immediate dentures are the ones where we start the denture process while patient still has teeth in the mouth. Immediate dentures often need follow up relines or the new set of dentures once all the gums and bone has shrunk and stable.

Process to get Dentures
Complete Dentures

Denture appointments generally consist of 4 visits:

  • First visit consists of taking impressions or moulds
  • Second visit consists of wax bite where we pick the custom shade for patient
  • Third visit is where you try the dentures, approve the teeth shade, and size
  • Final denture delivery and any extractions if needed

Follow up visits for relines and adjustment can be setup as needed.

What to expect after the denture delivery?
  • Inserting dentures in the mouth & removing them needs little practice, the dentist will demonstrate how
  • Initially it will feel different in the mouth, but you will get used to it
  • Initially pronunciation might differ, eventually patients learn to talk normally
  • Dentures can cause sore spots on the gums. The patient has to return to the dentist and get adjustments done on their dentures
How to Care for your Dentures
Complete Dentures
  • Clean your denture everyday with soap water and a soft bristle brush
  • Every night take out your denture clean it and put it in the denture box filled with water
  • Do not use tooth paste as it is abrasive
  • Periodically visit your dentist